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 One of the appearance by Uroboros, an enterprising ensemble... stimulating and...consistently rewarding.?(Musical Times)

Artistic Director: Gwyn Pritchard

Correspondence address:
2 Sandfields Farm Cottage
CV37 9SW

Tel & Fax : 0044 (0)1789 751 325                          E-Mail:


Uroboros Ensemble is:

a performing instrumental ensemble
specialising in contemporary and 20th century music

a promoter and curator of concerts and festivals
also promoting other performers with similar artistic aims

an organizer of creative educational events
 related to new music, for all ages and levels of experience

* * * * * * * *

Our Mission Statement

The aims of Uroboros Ensemble are:

 * The performance and promotion of music, with special emphasis on contemporary music.

 * Creating new opportunities for emerging and undiscovered composers.

 * Presenting recent musical developments of which the public is either unaware, or through lack of exposure finds problematical.

 * Giving exposure in the UK to musical ideas and developments from different countries.

 * Helping to develop future international partnerships.

 * Encouraging young performers to embrace contemporary music, and supporting them in performance.

 * Making young children aware of contemporary music, and the joy to be found participating in it and listening to it.

 * Building an audience for music, especially contemporary music, by engaging people from all walks of life.




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