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November 3rd, 2018: a concert at The Warehouse, Theed Street, London SE1

7.30 pm 





Rowland Sutherland flute   Christopher Redgate oboe   Peter Furniss clarinet

Darragh Morgan & David Alberman violin   Bridget Carey viola   Deidre Cooper 'cello  Mary Dullea piano 

Gwyn Pritchard's compositions are regularly performed around the world, and have been represented at numerous major international festivals.


This event offers UK audiences an opportunity to experience his music in a special concert to celebrate his seventieth birthday year, given by Uroboros Ensemble of which he is the founder.


The programme includes nine short pieces for mixed ensembles and for soloists, the earliest composed when in his twenties, the most recent, a UK premiere, completed in August 2018.

       Realms Apart * (clarinet and string quartet)

       Ensemble Music for Six (mixed ensemble)

       Nightfall (mixed ensemble)

       Evolution (mixed ensemble)

       Res (piano trio) 

       Intermezzo (solo flute) 

       Capriccio Fluido * and Epyllion * (solo oboe)

       Tide (solo piano)


* = UK premiere

Tickets £10 (£7 concessions), available at the door

To reserve tickets in advance email mail@uroborosensemble.com

(Reserved tickets must be collected and paid for at least ten minutes before the start of the concert)




Some past programmes performed in London and Germany


April 10th: concert at The Warehouse - one of London's premier venues for new music


May 19th: 9. Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössiche Musik, Germany
(the Weimar Spring Contemporary Music Days)

Rowland Sutherland flute   Christopher Redgate oboe   Peter Furniss clarinet

Fiona McNaught violin   Bridget Carey viola   Clare O’Connell 'cello 

David Leiher Jones piano   Paul Archbold electronics  

Gwyn Pritchard conductor


‘a kaleidoscope of talent’ (Independent)



including four world premières


London only:

6.00 pm  Pre-concert event with Ivan Hewett


The well known writer on new music, and introducer of BBC Radio 3’s Hear and Now,

in conversation with tonight’s composers  



7.30 pm Concert


from Germany

Peter Helmut Lang


Dominoeffekt **

Karl-Heinz Wahren


A capricious and romantic meeting **

Johannes K. Hildebrandt


Bruchstück II *

Lothar Voigtländer


Salmo Salmonis *

from Britain

Ross Lorraine


end piece **

James Weeks


The Catford Harmony **

Gwyn Pritchard


Ensemble Music for Six

Joe Cutler


Three Quiet Pieces


** = World première * = UK première  


Uroboros Ensemble gratefully acknowledges the financial support of these concerts by

The Hinrichsen Foundation, The Holst Foundation, The RVW Trust, 

Prime Minister Dieter Althaus of Thuringia





The Warehouse
 13 Theed Street, London SE1


Rowland Sutherland flute, Christopher Redgate oboe, Roger Heaton & Peter Furniss clarinet, Andrew McNeil saxophone, 

Darragh Morgan violin, Rose Redgrave viola, Robin Michael 'cello, 

 Mary Dullea piano, Joby Burgess percussion

Gwyn Pritchard conductor



TWO CONCERTS PRESENTING recent music from six countries

including several world and UK premières, by composers who are seldom heard in the UK


May 31st


6.00pm - Pre-concert event 
Keith Potter,  musicologist and writer on new music, in conversation with tonight’s composers


7.30pm Concert


from Germany

Johannes Hidebrandt - Linien 2
the world première of a piece composed especially for this concert by a leading composer from Weimar

     Nicolaus A Huber - La Force du Vertige
the UK première of a major piece by one of Germany’s most significant composers of the ‘avant-garde’ era


 from Greece

Athanasia Tzanou - Triptique III
this colourful work presents for the first time to British audiences a composer whose music
is widely performed by major artists in many other European countries 


from Japan

Dai Fujikura - The Edge of Light

a concentrated and intense quartet by a young composer who is currently 
raising considerable interest around the world


from Britain

Gwyn Pritchard - Nebulae & Episodes
the world première of a recent piece with virtuoso saxophone and percussion parts

     Roger Redgate - Pierrot on the Stage of Desires
a sublte and intriguing sextet by one of Britain’s best known composers of his generation



* * * * * * * * * * *    


June 21st


6.00pm - Pre-concert event

Alwynne Pritchard of BBC Radio 3’s Hear and Now talks to  tonight’s composers


7.30pm Concert


from Italy

Andrea Cavallari - Ordine e Disordine

 the world première of  a work composed especially for Uroboros Ensemble


from Germany

Gerhard Staebler - Internetx5/Scrap

a world première from this unfailingly engaging composer; a piece with a difference (and some car alarms too!)


Helmut Zapf - Fragmente

A terse, focussed  piece by this Berlin based composers presents his music in Britain for the first time



Uros Rojko - Atemaj

the UK première of this fluid, agile duo will be a rare opportunity to hear this fine composer’s music performed in Britain


from Britain

James ClarkeEcholalia

the UK première of a complex and arresting work

Philip Cashian - Caprichos

a vibrant piece full of  surging energy and virtuosity

Gwyn Pritchard - Capriccio Inquieto

the second performance of this sparkling piece written especially for tonight’s soloist







Saturday 23rd March, 18:00

The Warehouse
13 Theed Street, London SE1

Talia Amar   When a Dream Becomes Reality world première * 
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen   Miniatures III  UK première 
Alastair Grieg   Insecure Dances in Unstable Times  world première *
Robert David Rusconi   Continuum  world première 
James Clarke   Echolalia 
Andrea Cavallari   Ordine e Disordine 
Johannes K. Hildebrandt   Dreieck world première 

* = LEF Competition finalist

Rowland Sutherland flute, Janey Miller oboe, Roger Heaton clarinet, 
Darragh Morgan
violin, Reiad Cibah viola, Robin Michael 'cello, 
Mary Dullea piano,
Gwyn Pritchard conducter






Sunday 30th March, 18:00

The Warehouse
13 Theed Street, London SE1

Heinz Holliger   Trio (oboe, viola & harp)
Robert H Platz   Leere mitte  UK première 
Isang Yun   Rufe 
Jonathan Harvey   Ricercare una Melodia  
Georg Katzer   Miteinander-Gegeneinander  UK première 
Frank Michael Beyer   Trio (oboe, viola & harp) 

Christopher Redgate oboe, Stephen Upshaw viola,, 
Gabriella dall'Olio harp, Paul Archbold electronics 






Sunday 13th March, 18:30

The Warehouse
13 Theed Street, London SE1

Helmut Zapf   Trio 1 UK première 
Elliott Carter   -  Trilogy 
Michael Finnissy   June  world première 
Ulrike Mayer-Spohn   fLEC-UE  world première (LEF Competition finalist)
Susanne Stelzenbach   -  schlaflos  world première 
Heinz Holliger   Mobile 
Harrison Birtwistle  Oboe Quartet London première 

Rowland Sutherland flute, Janey Miller oboe, Roger Heaton clarinet, 
Darragh Morgan
violin, Reiad Cibah viola, Robin Michael 'cello, 
Mary Dullea piano,
Gwyn Pritchard conducter






Sunday, 11th September 2016; 19:00

Schloss Biesdorf

Richard Emsley   NanoCulture  world première 
Sebastian Stier   abgestecktes Gelände 2  world première 
James Clarke   2016-E  world première 
Susanne Stelzenbach   Metamorphose 1  world première 
Gwyn Pritchard   Evolution  German première 
Johannes K. Hildebrandt   Vier  world première 

Rowland Sutherland flute, Max Welford clarinet, Darragh Morgan violin, Deirdre Cooper 'cello 
Gwyn Pritchard conducter





Uroboros Ensemble is also promoter of 


For full programme details see www.londonearfestival.co.uk




A concert promoted by Uroboros Ensemble, performed by one of South Korea's leading chamber groups specialising in 
contemporary music, an opportunity to hear new works from a country whose music is too little is known in the UK. 

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