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Artistic Director: Gwyn Pritchard


Uroboros Ensemble has performed in groups ranging in size from three to eighteen players


The performers are drawn from a small group of instrumentalists, mostly based in London, 

and all leaders in the field of contemporary chamber music 


The current players are:


Rowland Sutherland - flute

Christopher Redgate - oboe

Anna Hashimoto  - clarinet

Gabriella dall'Olio - harp

Darragh Morgan - violin

Bridget Carey - viola

Tim Gill - 'cello

Mary Dullea - piano

Iņigo Mikeleiz Berrade - accordion


Other players who have performed with Uroboros Ensemble over the years include:


Sebastian Bell - flute

Anna Noakes - flute

Nancy Ruffer - flute

Janey Miller - oboe

Max Welford - clarinet

Peter Furniss - clarinet

Roger Heaton - clarinet

Angela Malsbury - clarinet

Andrew Sparling - clarinet

Max Welford - clarinet

Andrew McNeill - saxophone

Julie Andrews - bassoon

David Cox - horn

Richard Benjafield - percussion

Joby Burgess - percussion

Elizabeth Davis - percussion

Catherine Ring - percussion

Gillian Tingay - harp

Sioned Williams - harp

David Alberman - violin

Roger Garland - violin

Lorna Osbon - violin

Fiona McNaught - violin

Reid Chibah - viola

Rose Redgrave - viola

Paul Silverthorne - viola

Stephen Upshaw - viola

Katy Wilkinson - viola

John Graham - viola

Deirdre Cooper - 'cello

Clare O'Connell - 'cello

Robin Michael - ‘cello

Stefan Popov - 'cello

Jane Salmon - 'cello

Neil Tarlton - doublebass

Andrew Ball - piano

David Leiher Jones - piano

Allan Schiller - piano

Paul Archbold - electronics



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