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Artistic Director: Gwyn Pritchard


Uroboros Ensemble has performed in groups ranging in size from three to eighteen players


The performers are drawn from a small group of instrumentalists, mostly based in London, 

and all leaders in the field of contemporary chamber music 


Those who have played with the ensemble most recently are as follows,
principal players are in bold::


Rowland Sutherland - flute

Christopher Redgate - oboe

Janey Miller - oboe

Roger Heaton - clarinet

Peter Furniss  - clarinet

Max Welford - clarinet

Andrew McNeill - saxophone

Gabriella dall'Olio - harp

Darragh Morgan - violin

Bridget Carey - viola

Rose Redgrave - viola

Stephen Upshaw - viola

Deirdre Cooper - 'cello

Robin Michael - ‘cello

Mary Dullea - piano

Joby Burgess - percussion

Paul Archbold - electronics


Other players who have performed with Uroboros Ensemble over the years include:


Nancy Ruffer - flute

Sebastian Bell - flute

Anna Noakes - flute

Andrew Sparling - clarinet

Julie Andrews - bassoon

David Cox - horn

Richard Benjafield - percussion

Elizabeth Davis - percussion

Gillian Tingay - harp

Sioned Williams - harp

Lorna Osbon - violin

Roger Garland - violin

Katy Wilkinson - viola

Paul Silverthorne - viola

Reid Chibah - viola

John Graham - viola

Clare O'Connell - 'cello

Jane Salmon - 'cello

Stefan Popov - 'cello

Neil Tarlton - doublebass

Andrew Ball - piano

David Leiher Jones - piano

Allan Schiller - piano



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