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Some comments from the press

'...the extraordinary work of the Uroboros Ensemble. Their playing demonstrated a perfect balance of skill and musicality. They played together seamlessly.' (Tempo)

Uroboros Ensemble...took the music to its farthest extremes of expressive contrast.’  (The Guardian)

‘The group...includes a kaleidoscope of talent...coolly professional...enthused...the playing was never rough or poor.’ (Independent)

[The music]’...was thrillingly realised...by Uroboros Ensemble.’ (Sunday Times)

‘Talented instrumentalists who take new music seriously.’ (The Times)

‘One of the highlights...an appearance by Uroboros, an enterprising ensemble... stimulating and...consistently rewarding.’ (Musical Times)

‘A programming policy which is both imaginative and intelligent...Many contemporary based concerts leave one with a sense of dissatisfaction...this one did quite the opposite.’ (Tempo)

‘Varied and Enterprising.  As for creativity - here Uroboros’s work seems to me to be quite unique in this country.’ (Classical Music)

‘Uroboros Ensemble...went on in successive strides to scale magnificent heights... successfully captivated the audience.  When it is generally held that modern music no longer communicates with its modern audience, Uroboros have demonstrated that the opposite is the case.’ (Venue)

‘A marvellous range of dynamics and sensitivity in a moving performance...Uroboros is an exciting group, with an infectious commitment and passion.’ (Bristol Evening Post)

‘Played to perfection...the Ensemble consists of instrumentalists of considerable calibre and reputation.’ (Liverpool Daily Post)  

'...this evening was a gesture of resistance to a slowly stagnating concert scene' (New Notes)


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